Tips to Get Maximum Sexual Pleasure from an Escort

Today, many people especially men have no reason to complain that they are starving of sex because there are so many beautiful and sexy escorts available. You can book an escort of your choice with a click of a button here Below are some tips to get maximum pleasure from an escort and enjoy value for your money.

Be friendly

Escorts are just like any other human beings. They have feelings and you as the client influence their sexual drive. When she comes to the agreed place, compliment her and tell her how beautiful she looks. Tell her that you like her dress, her hairstyle, and any good things you see in her. When you are friendly to her then she will be nice to you, and she will do all she can to give you maximum pleasure.

Be romantic

Being romantic lets your escort know that you truly are in need of good sex. Therefore, be romantic to the escort and let her know you appreciate her efforts. This means that you can take her out for a dinner or for a drink before making love with her. Hold her hand as you walk to the club, restaurant, or hotel. When she sees how romantic you are she will also show you her true colors when you get to the business. And you will definitely get maximum pleasure from her.

Focus on foreplay

As stated, escorts are just like other human beings and want to feel special. Take your time and engage in a romantic chat to prepare both of your minds to sex. Make foreplay your first priority. Kiss her passionately, lick her ears and neck, and caress her breast gently. Then carefully and gently remove her blouse and lick her nipples and then down to her belly. Slide your hand down to her pussy and massage it gently. Then remove her pants and touch her clit with your first finger. Then lick her clit with your tongue and let your finger move inside her pussy, gently moving in and out. This should make her pussy really wet. Then she will pay you back by showing her professionalism and expertise as she sucks your cock and gets ready for penetration.

Try different positions

Maximum sexual pleasure comes from trying new things. Try different sex positions and you will definitely get maximum pleasure from her. This is also a great way to learn new things to try with your current or future partner.